In 2008 Gary Bevans narrated an hour long documentary, donating original photographs and video footage to the film where he explains how he painted the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction. The film is available worldwide on DVD from Mary's Dowry Productions, a Film Production Apostolate established by Gary's daughters in 2007. The documentary includes original footage, photographs, and interviews and runs for 51 minutes. To learn more about the DVD or to purchase it visit the website of Mary's Dowry Productions:

In this original documentary you will see the blank ceiling in English Martyrs Church before work began and watch the very first paintings appear.  You will explore Gary's workshop tower and work your way across the ceiling as he paints various figures, scenes and images.  You will attend the Celebration of completion in 1993 with Bishop Cormac Murphy O'Connor and much more.  With details of architecture and layout, Prophets and figures appearing from nowhere, Gary Bevans explains why he undertook this huge work of art over five and a half years.   Discover the agonies and ecstasies involved in re-creating the Sistine Chapel.

Mary's Dowry Productions is a Catholic film production Apostolate founded in 2007 by Gary's daughters.  Many of their films have been broadcast globally on EWTN, BBC1 and SKY.  Several of their films feature the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction which was painted by their father and Gary has created many sets, backdrops and props for the films which tell the lives of the Saints and English Martyrs.  'How I painted the Sistine Chapel Reproduction' is available from Mary's Dowry Productions and Amazon.

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