About the artist

The Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction was painted soley by parishioner and signwriter Gary Bevans during the years 1987-1993.  Gary undertook the project after being inspired during a pilgrimage to Rome in 1987 when he was thirty three.  

A natural artist he desired to attend art college when he left school but instead had to find work.  He was employed as a sign writer and trained in the traditional skill.  This training proved invaluable for the intricate architectural details required in recreating the Sistine Chapel Ceiling for not only did Gary paint figures and Biblical scenes but the entire architecture background too. 

Gary has always accredited his eye for art and ability to paint as a gift from God which he desired to use for the Catholic Church.  He painted and donated several works of art including 'The Last Supper' to his parish before undertaking his largest gift, the exact copy of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling.

 Alongside his full time job as a sign writer, husband and father, Gary painted the Sistine Chapel after his work day, during evenings and weekends.  The whole ceiling took five and a half years to complete.  Paints, wood and materials were funded by donations from parishioners and visitors. Today Gary is a Deacon at the parish.  Due to modern developments his sign writing work dried up so today Gary works full time decorating and restoring homes.  He also paints icons, oil paintings and other artwork. 

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