With over 45 years of painting experience, Gary Bevans is internationally known for his world famous painting of the Sistine Chapel Reproduction.

Single-handedly painted directly onto the ceiling of his local parish church in Sussex, England, it is the only full size copy of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Ceiling in the world.

The project took five and a half years to complete and attracts many thousands of visitors yearly from around the globe. For more information about the Sistine Chapel Reproduction and the Church of English Martyrs, Goring by Sea, visit our Sistine Chapel page here.

Gary Bevans continues to paint a variety of high quality original artwork, especially beautiful Sussex landscapes in oil and acrylic. These original signed oil paintings and signed quality prints are available to purchase through this website. We also have a variety of exclusive greeting cards of his landscape artwork available. As well as landscape art and original signed sketches of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Reproduction, Gary Bevans creates high quality, original handmade gold leaf Icons in a variety of designs.

Only two Sistine Chapel Ceilings exist in the world.
The first was painted in the 16th Century by Michelangelo Buonarroti and is located in Vatican City, Rome, Italy.
The second was painted between 1987-1993 by Gary Bevans in Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex, England.

After a pilgrimage to Rome in 1987 for the Beatification of 85 English Martyrs, parishioner Gary Bevans noted that the Sistine Chapel Ceiling was practically the same shape and size as the ceiling of his parish church of the English Martyrs, West Sussex.  A natural artist and full-time sign writer he contemplated recreating an exact copy.  After recieving permission from his parish priest and local Bishop he began the work in 1987 in his free time as a gift to the Church.  It took him five and a half years to complete. The Sistine Chapel Reproduction in English Martyrs Church is the only known copy of the ceiling in the world.  It was painted over five and half years and remains today a place of interest, receiving an award for excellence in 2014 from Trip Advisor. This site provides information on the artwork, the ceiling, the artist and the process.

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